The privacy of our readers on our site is very important for us. We are here to provide our readers a secure and helpful material. To make this more efficient, we keep track of our visitors and keep their information private. We have different privacy policies for our visitors and for the contents applied on our blog. This is so important for us to make our site bug free and run smoothly. For our website, we have made different privacy policies for different things. Following are the different ways that we take care when any user view our website.

Content Privacy

We will be uploading different articles on different technologies and many of them will use images which should be used for learning purpose but should not be used for officially. Content can be of different kinds as given below.

  • We will be uploading different articles based on our own logic and methodology, so content should not be copied and pasted to any other place.
  • We don’t copy any material from anywhere but write our own material with our own ideas and knowledge. If we learn things from somewhere else and want to share that idea with you people, rather than writing the same material in our own posts, we would like to give credit to those authors by giving links author’s articles in our posts. So that our reader should get more knowledge by reading that material as well.
  • Posts should not be copied as it is but should be shared just by using the available share buttons shown at the end of posts.

We want to assure our visitors for accurate information. If anybody notices any mistake in any content, inform us to resolve it.

Email Privacy

We have an email privacy policy and we want to assure our visitors for the privacy and security of their emails which they are supposed to provide while contacting with us, subscribing or commenting below the posts. We will just use their emails to inform them about any update occur on our website and will not be shown to anybody else. Other than this, we want to let our visitors know that wrong email addresses should not be used, as it will be verified first and if we found any error, your request will be rejected.

Contact Us Policy

We prefer our readers to comment below the post if they have any question related to the tutorial that we make, rather than contacting us directly to ask any tutorial related question. If anybody has any question related to our profession, our field or anybody want to give any advice for any improvement in our blog, then he/she may contact us directly. We will be happy to take your advice and try to act on your suggestion.

Comments Policy

Comments that user will give on our posts should be relevant to the content of the post. Any kind of remarks that are abusive or irrelevant will be immediately disapproved. People can comment below the posts with intention to get reply from the author or from anybody who have commented already on that particular post. Nobody is allowed to comment for their own discussion that is irrelevant to the content of the post.

We also want our readers to share their own idea, answer or give solution in the comments in response to the question asked by anyone else. Don’t copy and paste the idea or solution from any other website, if you really want to share someone else answer then give a proper link to their answers so that credit goes to them.

Email News Letters

We use an email newsletter plugin in order to inform our readers about any change in our website. Users who subscribe by giving their emails, we verify that subscription request and send an email to all those subscribers when we update our blog with any new material. Again we assure our readers about the security of their emails when they subscribe to our website.


We use cookies in order to store reader’s information. Cookies are the files which store user information related to their interaction with our website. We use some tracking software to analyze user’s interaction that let us know exactly how they use our site. We use Google Analytic plugin that tracks all kinds of user’s interaction with our site. If you want to know more about your interaction and how Google track your information, read the // as well.

Cookies also let our users to save their interaction with our site in their systems, so that later on they may see and interact with us again. If our user don’t want to save cookies in their systems, they should follow the required steps and block all the cookies by going to their browser’s security settings.


We assure that we will provide all the content accurate, correct and non-copyrighted. We write material with our own experience in the field and elaborate things with our own examples.

If anybody have any question related to all this, feel free to contact us by clicking the contact us tab.

Thank you!