What do you think makes life happier and better?
I once thought that getting a university degree, securing a good job, and traveling to my dream places will make me happy and satisfied. They all did make me happy but everything came with an expiration date.
I started to think and study about the people who are happy in their lives and I came to know that there is no single thing that makes us happy. I came to know about some habit of happy people that I am going to share with everyone so that they can find eternal happiness and satisfaction in life.

1. Eat well

Your mood is very much dependent on eating habits. Adding healthy foods to daily eating routine will make you feel happier and less stressed.

2. Be kind

Be kind to everyone. Everyone deserves kindness. Kindness brings a sense of self-satisfaction that leads to happiness.

3. Take time to re-charge.

Even though we live in a society that forces us to do more, be more, give more, and have more, we need time to re-charge. We need to fuel ourselves with energy. Take short breaks, and why not a power nap?

What doesn’t get planned usually doesn’t get done, so make sure to plan for downtime.

4. Exercise

“The single-most powerful tool you have to optimize your brain function,” says John J. Ratey MD in his best-selling book Spark. Exercising daily (even for as short as 30 minutes) has changed my life more than any other habit!

5. Forgive easily

Maybe someone was rude,  maybe someone cancels a plan at 11th hour, or maybe someone says no to anything you needed. Forgiveness doesn’t excuse behavior; it frees you from it. It releases resentment and other negative emotions tied to a person or a situation.

Make a habit of forgiving people, even for the smallest of things.

6. Love others

Everyone in this world has his or her own story. Don’t judge people by how they look. Spread the message of love and love everyone without any distinction.

7. Think positively

Every story has two sides. Always go for the positive one. Try to think positively all the time. Don’t waste your energy on negative thoughts.

8. Smile Often

The simple act of smiling reduces stress and increases happiness, even if you’re faking or forcing the smile. Putting on a happy face actually makes you happier.

9. Believe in yourself

No one is going to do it for you. If you want something in your life go for it, believe in yourself you can do better than anyone else.

10. Appreciate more

This morning I woke up feeling appreciative of my bed, my incredible friends, and my family for being the rock in my life. Appreciation feeds happiness. It highlights and gives value to what matters in our life. And the more you appreciate, the more you’ll find things to be appreciative of.

When waking up and going to sleep, remind yourself of the things you currently appreciate in your life.

11. Speak less and listen to understand

Speak less and give others a chance to convey their point of view. Listen with focus and compassion. Give others even if they are total strangers a gift of your full attention. Listening to understand is a powerful source of happiness as it creates strong bonds with other people.

12. Speak well of others

If you want to say something about anyone or anything why not saying it in a better and positive way. Get rid of negative energy that makes you utter negative things about others and be happy.

13. Choose faith over fair

If you are in a situation where you need to choose between fair and faith. Go for faith because faith is way more powerful than fear. Trust your instincts stay true to your believes and go for it.

14. Exercise self-discipline

Self-discipline is the most important skill everyone needs to learn. Practice self-discipline and work hard. It leads to better results that eventually leads to happiness.

15. Let go of what can’t be changed

There are many things that can’t be controlled or changed. If you think something can’t be changed get rid of it.

16. Don’t take opinions to heart

No one knows your struggle or story better than you. Everyone has right to criticize your work. Take criticism with a smile on your face and don’t take it to your heart. Free your heart from the burden of other people’s opinions and let it work properly to circulate blood in your body and to your brain. Love your work and be happy.


17. Avoid social comparison

Social comparison ruins lives. Some of your friends are going to be richer than you, don’t even try to compare yourself with them. They have their own struggle and you have yours. If you want something do it for yourself not for comparison. Everyone is passing through different phase from you. Comparing yourself to others is in other words mean insulting your own talents. Kick out the thoughts of social comparison from your mind and live a happier life.

18. Make the most of now

Live your life in the present, this is where it all happens. It’s the only place where you can experience happiness (or anything else for that matter). It’s the only place worth being. It might sound obvious, but realizing this was life changing for me. In the present I think better, feel better, and act better. Stay in the present moment and work as much as you can, make the most of now and be happy.

19. Select friends wisely

What you do or achieve widely depends on your company. Find people that can challenge you to be better, choose your friends wisely.

20. Spend more time with family

Family is the most important thing in everyone’s life. Take some time out of your busy routine for family. Make it a habit, listen to their problems, discuss your problems with them and enjoy little moments of happiness together.

What do you think of the above listed habits for happier life? Your feedback is very important for us to provide a better content.

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