Anxiety At work

Looking for Solutions related to Anxiety at Work?

Are you a type of person who is constantly struggling with anxiety at work place? Do you feel uncomfortable while working and meeting deadlines at office?

We are living in the era of constant communication and technological advancements. With the passage of time technology is advancing and to meet with the advancements we have to be constantly struggling. Sometimes when we are not able to cope with the rapid changes at work we start to be depressed and anxious without even noticing.

We are constantly trying to improve and sometimes the cost of improvement is very high. It may cost you some nervous problems like anxiety and depression. There are many people who are suffering from these two common mental conditions. Anxiety and Depression Association of America reports an estimated 40 million Americans suffer from some form of anxiety disorder, ranging from persistent, unrealistic worry to specific phobias and full-blown panic attacks. Forty million.

What Really Anxiety is?

When we get into some situation our mind starts to respond. Anxiety is a simple response to stress, and it may cause frustration and hopelessness. It is a learned response of our brain to a specific situation. So as your emails are stacked up in your inbox and your phone is constantly pinging with urgent messages, how do you plan to get our of anxious situations like that?

We have collected a list of seven hacks to help ease your work anxiety and minimize your stress levels.

7  Tricks To Get Rid Of Anxiety at Work

 1- Practice Time Management

We are living in a very fast world. When we fail to deal with the pace of daily life, anxiety starts to take control of our brains.In order to stay away from work anxiety first learn to manage your time. Practice time management, plan your day at the start, write down important tasks and prioritize them and stick to the plan. Work in time slots and within the slots take some rest.

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2- Stay Organized

A messy work space is very less productive as compared to the organized one. Organize your documents, keep your work space clean. Cleaning your work space may seem less important to you but it will help you save a lot of time and in long run will prevent you from many crisis. When you have everything organized properly, you don’t need to rush or struggle to find important or relevant to work documents.

3- Avoid Toxic Co-workers

Work places are full of different types of people. You have to find out the co-worker that always speak of negativity. These are the people who contribute towards their downfall as well as yours. Avoid negative gossips and toxic co-workers and you will feel a huge difference in your performance.

4- Celebrate Success

Take a moment to celebrate your success after completing the project. Take a moment before going to next project, thank everyone who helped you during the previous project. Appreciate yourself and enjoy your success by eating or doing what you like. Celebrating success will motivate to perform even better in the future.

5- Limit Caffeine Intake

Eat healthy, drink healthy, get enough sleep, exercise regularly, and limit your caffeine intake. Caffeine is good to boost up your nerve cells but excessive use of anything is bad. Train your mind to work without caffeine and take control of your mind. You will see your productivity to a new higher level that will help you in the process of over taking the anxiety and stress.

6- Take Breaks

Divide you work in little time slots. Work for 25 minutes and take a 5 minute break. During break you can take a walk around office, talk to your co-workers, or just close your eyes and relax. Take a deep breath and start your work again.

7- Tell a Trusted Co-worker or Friend

Learn to accept your anxiety and talk to a trusted co-worker or friend about your condition. He might help you to overcome the situation. Its always relaxing to discuss your problems with someone you trust.  Knowing that someone accepts your condition can be comforting and it may reduce any anticipatory anxiety about having a panic attack at work.

These steps can help you to overcome the anxiety at work but if after practicing these steps you are still facing the problem, then you need to consult with the doctor. There are many medications who can help you get rid of different forms of anxieties.

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